The mosquito net arrives!

Isn’t it amazing how you see something online, order it and 2 days later it is in your living room.  So, the skeeter-defeater comes FedEx, and is in a nylon bag just about umbrella size.  So far so good.

I pulled the contents out of the bag and there is one meshy-thingy and a bazillion fiberglass 12 inch rods.  Wondering how it will ever get back into that little bag.  Spent an hour with it on living room floor with no help from husband (“this one is yours to figure out” says he).  Leave it overnight in the middle of everything, certain that morning will be bring clarity re:  the assembly.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, the instructions are one postcard size little sheet of paper with a drawing and some words–none of which worked for me.

Sunday morning now and I’m sitting on the floor again with the meshy-thingy and all the rods.  Still no clarity.  Leave it again.

Aha!  Son Christopher arrives and amidst many groans he and I figure it out together! 

Ta Da!!  Thanks Christopher you are the best!

Skeeter Defeater

We’ll leave the disassembly for another post!

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  1. Just bought a chair today that folds up into a bag about as fat as 2 umbrellas and thought of you. Sits low to the ground and pivots on 2 spots so you can rock and squirm. Perfect for folk music festivals.

  2. woohoo foo. looks manageable once you get the hang of it, reminds me of anya’s tent. this is a picture of the ages.

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