I could get used to this…

Hmm, let’s see:  laundry left in basket, back folded and ironed within a couple hours; clean sheets every day; wonderful food–prepared by chef, served by staff (including being on standby during meal)–at whatever time we want!  Here are a few photos of my room:

desk in dining room

The blue sheet ensemble

Room 4 bathroom

 And on the grounds of where we stay is some beautiful artwork and beautiful flora and fauna:

Mango Tree on the grounds of the Eye Institute

Mural on wall of Guest House entrance

THe “patient” in the mural is carried because she is blind and cannot see to walk.  This same scene is depicted in a painting in the EYe Institue.

Painted mural history of Opthalmology in Eye Institute Lobby

Eye Infirmary Wall Relief/Sculpture

Some of the flowers on the grounds:

And for Lloyd, my very own woodcutter–a pile of wood on the grounds–used by people for cooking…

That’s it for now.  Until the next entry…

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  1. Ditto! The accommodations are on a different level! Check out my posting for the modern Florence Nightengale nurses and the nurses with the netbooks and I Pod!

  2. Wow, that’s definitely not the same old same old. Not my mental image of Bangladesh, either. It sounds like they’re making you very comfortable; that’s great. The Infirmary Wall Relief/Sculpture looks so interesting – is it metal? Wood? Both?

  3. Just remember, next time you go, you NEED an admin! I can follow behind you waving a big fan. Thanks for the blog and pictures; it’s the next best thing to being there.


  4. very exciting! can’t wait to read more of your adventures!!

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