Ch-Ch–Chittagong, Cha, Cha, Cha

Some photos of life and times in Chittagong…

out and about on the compound

I just might bring this sign home!

roadside retail

after the rains

ooohhh the traffic!

And today, Tuesday May 25 is our last full day here.  After breakfast we gave small gifts to the guest house staff:  Shapown, Aktar, Safiq and Kaisar (not in photo)Shapown, Safiq and Aktar

 After breakfast we went for our final project meeting where we gave an exit summary of our work, our impressions and our recommendations.  We made a toast to new friendships becoming old friendships and til we meet again–we toasted with green coconut water, “nothing hard” as they say!

Then Mr. Morshed talked about his country and his hopes and dreams and then sang Bangladeshi folk songs for us, and translated after each verse.  It was very moving.  We too then had singing to offer:  they got our rendition of Teensy Weensy spider, Row, ROw Row your boat in rounds (we didn’t get that quite right), a robust Hail to the VIctors (our Ohio colleague abstained and made sarcastic comments about recent OSU football victories), and then GOd Bless America.  We certainly entertained ourselves if not our hosts!  Not quite done yet tho, we did the Dale Evan’s Roy Rogers, “Happy Trails to you”, and then being finally warmed up, we started a Chittagong rap!  Ch-Ch-Chittagong, Cha, Cha, Cha.  Everyone got up and danced with that!~  It was a fun way to bring closure to lots of hard work together.

A final celebratory dinner tonight at the guest house (not at restaurant because that is where we think I got sick from). 

Signing off/c.

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  1. Hey Chris – sounds like it’s been amazing. let us know when you are arriving home.

    take care and safe travels to your group.

    xoxo. jane.

  2. Great final blog entries! I enjoy reading both blogs as they are so different even though both of us have shared the Bangladesh experience together. Thank you for being an INCREDIBLE travel partner! (A little Bedazzled reference :)) Looking forward to Bangkok with our own travel guide, Betty.

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