Monday, Monday (remember the Mama and the Papas song?), well, make that Friday, Friday, May 28, May 28!

Slept well in Bangkok hotel in our luxurious sheets and robes and slippers and after a nice buffet breakfast, we were off and running!  First stop Grand Palace but way of an express boat to Pier 9.  Spent some peaceful, meditative time, sitting on floor in front of Emerald Buddha and watching them prepare for some big ceremony where all the monks come to the Grand Palace and get new robes or something like that.  The ceremony was not open to the public.  I used the time to pray to Buddha, Allah, and the Holy Trinity to guide Christopher’s surgeon as he faced his hernia repair today.  In addition to great physicians and nurses, he had the best of the best spiritual energy protecting him as well!  And of course, Kathy at his side.

heading up the Chao Praya River

chris and betty waiting for the boat taxi

Grand Palace

this dude is prety tall!

martha and the elephants

my fav: like the yoga position "the goddess"

After the Grand Palace, or was it before, I purchased a pair of Bangkok sandals which are a little blingy, but I love them.  Unfortunately, I paid all of @20 for them because I didn’t even haggle?  What was I thinking?  Fact is, it didn’t occur to me, and by the time my friends were giving me the eye, I had already agreed to 700 Bat!  Oh well, they are cool and I wore them to dinner Wednesday night! 

 After dropping off our purchases we did some shopping nearby, and then decided to find a Jim Thompson (Thai Silk King) factory outlet.  Got a cab, and that cab ride lasted over an hour with Betty and Martha believing the driver was literally and figuratively taking us for a ride—in the end the fare was ~ $6, so he didn’t make much, but we sure did see the city.  The good news is we did end up at the outlet, and it was lovely, and even had a nice Jim Thompson small restaurant where I had some to-die-for Tam Yum Goong soup.  Best ever, although I would have to say that Tuptim at home is very authentic.  Got a at home with Jim Thompson cookbook for Jan, Mitch and I to try!

eating my favorite thai food in thailand

Another long taxi rides back to the hotel and then took our long boat ride (we were the only passengers) along the Chao Praya River and into the Klongs areas.  Tried some street vendor chicken satay on walk back to hotel.  Heavenly.  Here are some of the photos from the boat ride. Yet another slice of Asian life:

4-5 hours sleep, then 2:30 am to airport! 

luggin the luggage in Bangkok airport

Two more flights, both long.  BKK (Bangkok) to NRT (Norita, Tokyo)  6 hours and then NRT to DTW—12 hours .  This is the day of two Fridays for us!  And for the third time, Pringles to the rescue because that has been the only edible food offered to us and I am hungry.  I slept on the first flight and am now wide awake, and the rest of the plane is asleep, and all the lights are off!!

Very ready to be home, but so lucky to have had this experience, a whole new dimension has been added to my life, an awareness of daily life for millions of people half a world away, and a place in my heart for the people of South Asia and esp. the people of Chittagong, Bangladesh. 

As we said when parting, Til we meet again…and of course, we then had to once again belt out “Happy Trails to You…” slightly out of tune, of course!

So, the end of this blog is here.  Many thanks to all who endured it and thanks for all the comments—they kept me writing.  May have one more entry with some of the disposable camera photos once we get them digitized.

P.S. ( and it’s a big one).  Finally make it home–seats on the last flight which was the longest were in the middle of the middle.  I think that has become  a bottom line “never gain” for me for long flights–looking forward to my welcoming committee–will it be Lloyd?  will he bring Chip which I requested?  Will anyoe else come?  Those were the questions and the answers were:  NONE OF THE ABOVE.  Didn’t even remember that I was due home today.  Oh well, so much for being missed I guess!!  The entire flight became aware of my dilemma as we waiting for customs and immigration.  Many thought I should leverage this for years to come!!  I say all’s well that ends well!

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  1. WELCOME BACK!! I know we’re all loooking forward to seeing you again, and hearing in person about your adventures.

  2. Welcome welcome home … Yep, leverage for years to come!

    What a grand trip. Looking forward to hearing even more.

  3. Hi Chris. Just read some of your blog. It is like being with you!!!

    Linda told me about your most recent adventures. So good to be retired!!!

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