The Bangladesh Broads now based in Bangkok!!

Tuesday May 25, 2010, at the end of the day and proceeded by one last shopping trip to the same store (only store we went to and we went there 3 times!—well, we did go to a grocery store once!), and we received guests at the guest house!  Reaz and Morshed joined us for dinner.  We all were a little reluctant to eat out since I’d gotten sick at the first and last venture with Chittagong restaurants. 

Morshed announced that we would be having a special treat:  Litaya fish (couldn’t find it on Wikipedia!), and it was prepared two different ways for us:  one was deep fried with a batter and one was in sort of a sauce.  See photos below.  We tried really hard to like it, but the fried one had many bones and when I had to remove a spine from my mouth, the heaving started, which I hopefully disguised.  There was also some snapper, but I am just a little saturated with eating fish, unless perhaps some great whitefish (with absolutely NO bones) or some beer battered cod presented itself! 

morshed and eaz at the last supper 5-25-2010 CEITC guest house


latiya fish preparation #1

latiya fish preparation #2

So, we made it through the dinner and Morshed sang to us again, which will be an important memory to all of us.  They presented us with gifts (teas and Nescafe) and of course a bag for their beloved Patricia as well!

 Shapown and Kaisar were up bright and early with breakfast for us at 6 am, and by 0630 we were on the way to the airport.  Best car ride yet in Bangladesh—very little traffic!!  Reaz stayed with us in the airport, haggled us out of any overweight charges (they were here helping our country he said to the authorities) and stayed with us right through security and then waved good bye and said “Bye, mums”, because we were his mothers too and his mother agreed that sons can’t have too many mothers!

 Flight to Dhaka was uneventful, we were on United Airways, not be confused with United Airlines!  Very different.  Let’s just leave it at that!  We had quite a long layover in Dhaka with all our luggage, but we negotiated it just fine and found our way to the International Terminal which was much nicer and even found Pringles to buy.  For the second time on this trip, Pringles saved the day!  Dhaka to Bangkok was also uneventful and on Thai airlines which is very nice.  Flight attendants, (new terminology is Cabin Crew) wear traditional Thai attire.  Food was semi-edible, although Betty loved hers! and once I got to move to a seat that wasn’t wet and sticky it was a nice flight!

As always, hot and humid in Bangkok, but we managed to get to Royal Orchid Sheraton, where thanks to the empty hotel and Betty’s Starwood club membership, we got rooms on the preferred floor level, complete with fruit tray as you can see in the photo below! 

royal orchid welcoming gift!


rose apple, hairy lychees and other fruit!

 The pinkish colored smooth fruit is rose apple and it is very good—much like a jicama, and the hairy lychees peel easily and were very good!   We had dinner outside riverside, and then headed to Pat Pong, the red light district which Betty felt was essential to our Bangkok experience and she was right!  We believe three hot broads from USA really added to the atmosphere of that district that night!   Night markets not yet open due to the riots and fighting, and today was the first day that schools were re-opened. 

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