Photos, photos, where are you?

the FABULOUS photos from the airport adventures and from Bangkok seem to be unretrievable (any ideas on how to remedy this welcome). I took the photos on my TOUCH, then emailed them to myself as jpegs, then saved them to computer, even labeled each one and put them in a folder, and all seemed great, I was quite proud of myself for having done this with minimal angst…tried to upload into a blog and it says no images, and also some icky message about corruption…I’m using the camera from now on for photos.

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  1. What no food pictures! 🙂 Can you transfer the pictures directly from your touch to the computer? I know apple does not play well with PC’s?

  2. Can’t wait to see photos. Will u have a chance to observe the cricket matches? Not that they’d make any sense, but what an experience it would be. Very cool.

  3. Too bad about the photos! I wish I had a suggestion, but I don’t, sorry. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  4. Lordy, Lordy. You and photos!!!! Please share about the progress re both IHL and ICN. VERY curious and excited.

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