A spotty tale

I am covered in spots (slight exaggeration, but there are MANY). They started on my face–mainly left side, but some on right-then neck. Didn’t itch, didn’t look or seem like bites, but very noticeable.

Now there are spots on my arms and legs, and they are defiitely bites. One on the palm of my hand–you know how hard those are to scratch. Those who know me, know I will take pain any day over itching–only other thing that makes me this nutty is getting overheated, and of course that too happens here.

Ideas for resolving this are welcomed!! So far, it is only me now, altho our 15 y.o. team member (who is now back in USA) also had this experience!!

These spots, and now seem to be bites, just appear–no bugs in site. I took a big breath and checked the bed–couldn’t see anything. DIdn’t use mosquito net (and there are some mosquitos in the rooms, but we usually kill them) cuz it sits on the bed which might be the source…

Today, I got a new mattress and pillows, and lots of bug spray was used. I should add that I have been spraying myself with DEET and this is still happening. I am trying very hard not to get pre-occupied with this. THe spots do compliment the hideous hair for quite a professional, not to mention fashionable appearance!

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  1. Fortunately you always look beautiful because your inner heart shines through …

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