Flash vs flush and travel girls–???

We have been working long hours and visiting the hospital buildig site, which is so impressive (think many photos of site here, including their technique for plaster, the infrastructure is brick with plaster on top, no drywall, bamboo for scaffolding), then studying blueprints, making changes, having presentation for vendors to IT, Kitchen and laundry supplies and have had quite a few chuckles along the way!

Yesterday the engineers and architects were asking did we want flash commodes or floor commodes? I kept asking, “flash??”, and they would repeat “yes flash or flush”–finally with a photo we were able to discern that flash was flush (no one uses that nasal “a” like us midwesterners”, so we had a good laugh over that!

Later we were talking about recruiting for staff, and where we might do that. Had a lead on a trade school but turned out to be more for very limited people from the tribal Hill Tracts to learn a trade. We also talked about potential nursing students from the Hill Tracts, and they were being referred to as what sounded like”travel girls” to me. Of course I’m thinking traveling nurses, does that exist here –doubtful since there is a profound shortage of nurses, and finally I figured out it was “tribal girls”–another good laugh.

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