Collaborating with the Local Economy

I am now the proud owner of a Salwar Kazeem, the traditional Bangladesh dress–3 piece. Professor Husain’s wife insisting on making this a gift, along with one for my traveling companions. Quite an honor, so look for me to be decked out Chittagong style when I get back home!
(think photo here of ustrying on clothes in Aarong store)

Another shopping find was Cricket jerseys. World Cup Cricket is hosted by Bd, and today declared a holiday for schools and some businesses so people could watch the match. I am wearing a Bangladesh Cricket jersey as I write this. (Think photo of Chris at desk wearing jersey!) Reaz, Professor’s son, attended the match on Friday and also the match today. He had total laryngitis from the first match, so he has a whistle with him today!! It’s like Superbowl Mania and then some and with many more people in the streets. Small stadium (by US standards ~ 2500) so many people in the streets and at home watching on TV!

We found many lovely things to purchase–I exhibited quite a bit of restraint, but my colleagues succumbed to the gorgeous textiles!

Last night, Mrs. Husain and a relative who is a second year medical student took us to the Chittagong National Trade Fair (which you can read about on the internet). It comes once a year and has MANY stalls, is VERY HOT AND HUMID, and a sea of people, sights and sounds. (Think very colorful picture here). I got a lovely Cashmere shawl. One colleague got a gorgeous bed cover and shams.

Go Bangladesh!

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  1. Chris, I can’t wait to see this native costume and your other finds.

    A thought: once you’ve uploaded pix to Facebook is there some way to transfer them over to your blog. I am not very familiar with wordpress, but on blogger I can get a pic or video from the internet to put on my blog easier than I can upload it from a camera or my computer.

    So nice to see a slice of the life you are leading so far away from home.


    • Thanks Vicki for the responses to the blog. Would you be willing to spend some time with me getting these pictures organized when I get back? The IT people here installed ACDSee and now all photos go to that site–this has far exceeded my abilities, but not yours I know! thanks and love/chris

  2. Looking forward to seeing you in the Salwar Kazeem. And in the Cricket jersey.

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