Please, join us for a little snack…

Big night in Chittagong. THe Cricket team won and I think that means they advance to another level. Next games are in Dhaka, and no more in CHittagong, so the crowds were soooo excited! And because there is very little public use of alcohol here, it is all very festive and celebratory in a nice but veerrry congested way!

We were invited tonight to visit a benfactor of the hospital. His home is only about a 10 minute drive, but because of the total traffic gridlock, it took an hour–but we got to see how excited the young people were–crammed into buses, sitting on top of trucks, walking along the roadside. What was a two lane road had at least 5 lanes of traffic going in multiple directions! Because we took back roads to avoid the traffic, we also got to see neighborhoods, with many people out mingling.

The benefactor’s home is really a castle. So lovely. The first room we were in had 3 large couches and two easy chairs and they were not close together and only occupied a portion of the room. THe furnishings and finishings were tasteful and comfortable and out of a magazine! After some visiting, we were asked to join them for a “snack”. (I will put photo on FB). The table which was set like from an interior design magazine had at least 12 dishes, all traditional Bangladesh goods and were they ever good. We had grilled prawns that were 6 inches long and 2 inches wide and they were so tasty! It was amazing. They were so nice and gracious and have been significant supporters of this hospital projecty and here they were thanking us for helping their country.

What an honor and privilege this work is–and many thanks to my family and friends for their support of me (in so many ways) and this work. Tomorrow is last working day. It will be hard to leave, but also ready to be home.

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  1. I can clearly envision the sights as you described, especially since I have been there with you. Cannot wait to see your new clothes! Be safe on your home journey. Hopefully you have a few snacks to help you through your long travels home and the less than edible airplane food.

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