My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

Only one bag this time (plus of course multiple carry ons!) but still veerry heavy!  Traveling with team member who got us guest passes to SkyClub, so we are waiting in luxury with snacks and plugs and drinks galore!!  13 hour flight to Tokyo, then right onto 6 hour flight to Bangkok (BKK)!  Our leader arrived in Chittagong (CTG) already and said it took 3 hours to get from airport to hospital compound.  Usually less than an hour.  Traffic and monsoons!!  Can’t wait.

When I got the suitcase down from the attic (well, actually Lloyd got it down for me:) ), lo and behold, there were my missing Mephisto sandals.  Those would be the sandals I was sure I had left in Bangladesh (bd) and my friend and colleague Dr. Beard spent some time searching for them on her July trip to Bd…of course they weren’t there.

Have to include a photo of Mr. Cooper who did make the trip to the airport, and stared out the window (wistfully I’m pretty sure) as I walked away!

All for now, next post will be from BKK or CTG!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see pix, if possible; love the sandals,


  2. hey CCH in BD, hope you have arrived safely/not too exhausted. i wish i would have tracked all your flights so i’d know where you are at the moment. anyhoo, thinking of you and glad you found your sandals. plus, since they are in Bd with you, Mr. C. can’t munch on them, right? I saw a tv show recently where there was a dog named Mr. Pickles – good canine name, dontcha think? xoxo foo

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