One more flight to go…

Tokyo to Bangkok 6.5 hours.  Check.
Novotel hotel 10 hours (couldn’t sleep) Check
Bangkok to Dhaka.  2 hours.  Check
Dhaka to Chittagong…waiting to check in.

THe noise level in the airport is quite high.  Many flies vs mosquitos this time.  The kind that land on you and stick.  I am already wearing my Cutter repellant thingy.  Hope I have enough refills to last through the trip.  Successfully found the team members coming from Scotland and Dallas so we are now a fearless foursome!  The adventure continues.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Wow! Sky Passes! I am impressed! I did not see a VIP lounge in Dhaka! Ho is your Bengali? Did you pack cute boots for the monsoons? Should be a great hair trip with the rain and humidity.

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