rainy days and Sundays

Internet has been down (rarely happens here, has something to do with the under sea cables!).  Working today though, so I can be back in touch.  I just completed a blog entry, published it and somehow everything except the title was missing!

THere are six seasons in Bangladesh:  Winter, Spring, Autumn, Late Autumn, Summer and Rainy Season.  August is rainy season and it has been rainy.  From sheets of rain with zero visibility to nice summer downpours.  With that has come cooler temperatures, and a very pleasant breeze.  Still very humid of course.

Rain may slow down construction but not by much.  There are 500 workers on site and they are busy despite the rain.  They have also taken up residence in some of the rooms vs. camping outside.  Very interesting to say the least. 

Have seen more women laborers this time.  Waved at some today in a window in the patient towers, and they waved back, and then ducked down and popped back up with a baby.  and then down and up again with more children!

Here are some photos of the laborers “living” inside the construction site.

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  1. Awesome pictures and information. Thanks for sharing this adventure with those of us at home. Once again, the people there are so lucky to have such a wonderful person to help them out. You amaze me.

  2. Well, it never rains but it pours, so you’ve had some of each.

    I remember my first ride into Bombay from the airport seeing families living inside the huge sewer pipes that were to be installed. Now I wonder if that was actually a special privilege fore the workers.

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