What is this?

This tiny accordian pleated thing turns into a shower cap!



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Good a Morning, Viet Nam ( excuse auto correct typos– can’t edit easily)

Slept a few hours sat a lovely Seoul airport hotel, Hyatt Incheon. Boarded Korean Air 5 hr flight to Saigon.  Martha slept, I was restless!  We had plenty of room which was. Very nice.  Landed in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, and got in a few wrong lines, but eventually made it thru immigration and proceeded to baggage claim. Watched baggage from 4 various gulf hrs unload and get claimed, but nothing for us!  Found our way to lost send found and there were our two bags!


We we were met by Matt, and proceeded to Royal Lotus hotel where we are staying send where this lovely greeting awaited me.


Did if a was liking your of the neighborhood, witnessed the traffic cacophony, and the many, many, many motorcycles!  Will post more pics later. I faded quickly, went to bed by 8 pm local time and slept on and off til morning. image

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And off we go…

First leg 13.6 hours. <!–




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Its been awhile…

Tomorrow, I leave for a working trip to Southeast Asia,  Vietnam specifically.  I am lucky to be once again travelling with Dr. Martha Tanicala, nursing professor extraordinaire and my BFF.  We travel from Detroit to Seoul, and then on to HCMC (Saigon).  We will be joining others from Global Health Services Network who arrived earlier in Vietnam.  Our task is to determine how GHSN might best help nursing education in Vietnam.  Additionally, we will be giving a workshop to staff and leadership of a maternity hospital about trends in healthcare and nursing education.  stay tuned.  The adventure is about to begin …

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Cộng hòa Xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam
Flag Emblem
Motto: Độc lập – Tự do – Hạnh phúc
“Independence – Freedom – Happiness”
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A little fun in Bangkok, and then back to Ann Arbor

Two and a half days in Chittagong, long hours and lots of work, and much accomplished.  This photo shows the various adaptors and power cords in use–computers from Bangladesh, UK , and USA!  … and then the journey home began!  First stop Dhaka airport, where there are many Beautiful Bangladesh posters!From Dhaka, we flew to Bangkok, and took a personal day to sightsee.  As always, the sights and sounds and smells of Bangkok are enthralling!  Visited the grand palace, and here are some photos of some of the detail on the buildings/shrines.

This photo looks just like one of my favorite yoga pose, “goddess”


Took a longboat ride to the Grand Palace, and fed some fish at a designated spot for good luck.  Gave new meaning to the term “feeding frenzy”:

And of course, many fast food restaurants of the US type


Journey home was grueling.  I didn’t have nonstop from Tokyo to Detroit, rather Tokyo to LAX (which was more chaotic than usual due to extensive renovations) where I had a 6 hour layover.  Been home 6 days now, and still NOT sleeping at  night!  The upside of that is I’ve been cleaning drawers and closets in the middle of the night, and last night sorted through jewelery and went and sold all the broken, won’t ever wear stuff this morning!!

That’s it til next trip, which shouldn’t be for several months!

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In the News

Did my name get spelled correctly??

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Food pictures…finally, but on Facebook!

Sunday night we had a lovely meal (read that FEAST) at the Meridien restaurant in Chittagong.  The 6 of us from GHSN and another six from IHL–including Board members.  The owner of the restaurant, and a major donor, was one of those dining with us, and the food was amazing.  Mango juice made fresh while we waited, and then course after course after course!  The owner of the restaurant is also a “farmer”–think plantation here–and has 10,000 mango trees.  The commitment of these individuals to the health status of their city and country is very profound, and inspirational to see them in action.

I have a picture of a whole snapper prepared beautifully, and then the same snapper–just the bones!  but couldn’t get it to upload into blog, so put it on facebook!  Check it out there!

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rainy days and Sundays

Internet has been down (rarely happens here, has something to do with the under sea cables!).  Working today though, so I can be back in touch.  I just completed a blog entry, published it and somehow everything except the title was missing!

THere are six seasons in Bangladesh:  Winter, Spring, Autumn, Late Autumn, Summer and Rainy Season.  August is rainy season and it has been rainy.  From sheets of rain with zero visibility to nice summer downpours.  With that has come cooler temperatures, and a very pleasant breeze.  Still very humid of course.

Rain may slow down construction but not by much.  There are 500 workers on site and they are busy despite the rain.  They have also taken up residence in some of the rooms vs. camping outside.  Very interesting to say the least. 

Have seen more women laborers this time.  Waved at some today in a window in the patient towers, and they waved back, and then ducked down and popped back up with a baby.  and then down and up again with more children!

Here are some photos of the laborers “living” inside the construction site.

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One more flight to go…

Tokyo to Bangkok 6.5 hours.  Check.
Novotel hotel 10 hours (couldn’t sleep) Check
Bangkok to Dhaka.  2 hours.  Check
Dhaka to Chittagong…waiting to check in.

THe noise level in the airport is quite high.  Many flies vs mosquitos this time.  The kind that land on you and stick.  I am already wearing my Cutter repellant thingy.  Hope I have enough refills to last through the trip.  Successfully found the team members coming from Scotland and Dallas so we are now a fearless foursome!  The adventure continues.  Stay tuned.


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My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

Only one bag this time (plus of course multiple carry ons!) but still veerry heavy!  Traveling with team member who got us guest passes to SkyClub, so we are waiting in luxury with snacks and plugs and drinks galore!!  13 hour flight to Tokyo, then right onto 6 hour flight to Bangkok (BKK)!  Our leader arrived in Chittagong (CTG) already and said it took 3 hours to get from airport to hospital compound.  Usually less than an hour.  Traffic and monsoons!!  Can’t wait.

When I got the suitcase down from the attic (well, actually Lloyd got it down for me:) ), lo and behold, there were my missing Mephisto sandals.  Those would be the sandals I was sure I had left in Bangladesh (bd) and my friend and colleague Dr. Beard spent some time searching for them on her July trip to Bd…of course they weren’t there.

Have to include a photo of Mr. Cooper who did make the trip to the airport, and stared out the window (wistfully I’m pretty sure) as I walked away!

All for now, next post will be from BKK or CTG!

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